Peri B. Edelman, NYC Immigration Lawyer

Peri B. Edelman is a highly skilled and effective NYC immigration lawyer with over 24 years of experience serving clients. She has provided immigration legal services to residents in New York City—including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

She has also provided immigration legal services to residents from areas across the United States—including, but not limited to, California, Texas, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Immigration clients should feel comfortable knowing that Ms. Edelman has the skills and the knowledge to provide effective services related to filing for non-immigrant and immigrant visa applications, green cards, removal proceedings (deportation), and filing for U.S. Naturalization (citizenship).

Ms. Edelman’s NYC office is conveniently located a few blocks from the federal building in lower Manhattan, NY. To schedule a consultation, you can contact her offices at 212-267-5225.

Immigration Lawyer Services

Legal Services

  • Legal advice on all aspects of immigration issues.
  • U.S. permanent (green card) residency filing.
  • U.S. Naturalization filing (for citizenship).
  • Legal representation in court cases related to deportation and removal from the United States; cases with ICE; immigrants who have been arrested by the police in New York; work visa expiration, etc.
  • Humanitarian (refugee) U and T visa legal services.
  • Legal services for H1-B, E1, E2, L1 and O1 visas.
  • Visa applications for highly skilled workers such as engineers, doctors, scientists, artists and other professions where there is a shortage in the United States.

International Clients

Ms. Edelman has represented thousands of immigration clients from countries in:

  • North America—including Mexico and Canada
  • Central and South America—including, but not limited to, Honduras, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador
  • Caribbean— including, but not limited to, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Dominican Republic
  • Asia—including, but not limited to, China, Philippines, India, Korea, Japan
  • Europe—Including, but not limited to, Spain, France, UK, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Romania
  • Africa—including, but not limited to, Ghana, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Tunisia
  • South Pacific—including, but not limited to, Australia, New Zealand

Types of Clients

Ms. Edelman has experience representing individuals, families and corporate clients who require immigration services. Immigration client services include family immigration, employment immigration, legal services for deportation defense, consular cases, non-immigrant visas.

A graduate of Brooklyn Law School, I started The Peri Edelman Law Firm in 1996 to be a fierce advocate for my immigration clients. In my near 25 years practicing Immigration Law, I have seen almost every type of immigration case imaginable, and I have helped clients obtain countless green cards, foreign work visas, and have prevented hundreds of immigrants from being deported.

My legal defense of an early case in my career ultimately led to the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, a law that allows foreign-born, biological, and adopted children of U.S. citizens to acquire U.S. citizenship if they satisfy certain requirements before the age of 18.


I am also a passionate immigration law reform advocate whose suggestions were included in George W. Bush's 2000 presidential platform.

Following in the footsteps of my father, I am a second-generation immigration attorney admitted to the New York and Connecticut Bars, U.S. Eastern District Court of New York, U.S. Southern District Court of New York, and United States Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit.

The Benefits of Making Peri B. Edelman Your Immigration Lawyer

  • The price you are billed for immigration services will include detailed explanation of the immigration laws and rules. Peri B. Edelman’s legal advice and services will be thoroughly explained before a client is billed. She will also provide details on what her advice and services are intended to achieve.
  • Peri B. Edelman will help clients who have had bad experiences with attorneys who might have made mistakes in filing documents with USCIS.
  • As an attorney, some of her proudest moments come from helping people in extreme circumstances achieve their life’s ambition. From saving people who are detained to having the DHS show up to conduct an interview at the hospital bedside of a woman who only had hours to live.

Family Immigration

Business Immigration

Deportation Removal Defense


Green Cards & Adjustment of Status

Humanitarian Visas

Peri B. Edelman immediately put me at ease with her confidence and knowledge of the law, and in particular how quickly she grasped the complexity of my particular case.  In addition, she had the perfect combination of kindness, empathy and compassion towards me, coupled with the desired aggressive action/results oriented instincts that I hoped for in an attorney.  Peri has a strong grasp of all complex legal issues that were needed to successfully represent me and advocate for me. The end result was successful, and the process took significantly less time than I anticipated. I would without any reservation highly recommend Peri.

-Elyse S.

When my parents received the terrible news that we had an order of deportation, our world became a nightmare.  We did not know anyone who could help us and had little hope of being able to stay in this country. After being referred to immigration attorney, Peri B. Edelman, she became our hope to stay in this beautiful country. Peri worked on my family’s case for eight years and was successful in removing the order of deportation and helping us attain green cards. Thanks to Peri, my brother and I were able to build our lives in the United States, obtain college degrees, and now have become American citizens. Peri B. Edelman is an exceptional lawyer who has helped many people achieve the American dream! She is more than our lawyer; she is our friend and a member of our family. Thanks Peri for all you have done for me, my family, and for all immigrants!

-Erica F.

Peri, I don’t have the words to thank you for your help with my husband’s immigration case. I still can’t believe it and when I checked my email yesterday morning I just started to cry of happiness. You have been a great help and I just regret not meeting you sooner. Thank you, Thank you!!

-Marcia Q.

I have known Attorney Peri B. Edelman for over twenty years. She is my family’s lawyer and has helped me obtain my green card and five years later, my U.S. citizenship. She has also helped my wife who had a very complicated immigration case. Thanks to her, our family was able to stay together in the United States of America.

 -Ricardo F.  

Peri B. Edelman was the attorney who represented me in my petition for a green card. I was almost deported but she was able to stay my deportation. Within six months, the Department of Homeland Security granted me a green card and three years later, I became a U.S. citizen.

– Issa B.

Attorney Peri B. Edelman represented my wife in a deportation hearing.  Thanks to Peri’s help, my wife was able to become a permanent resident and now my wife, our children, and I can travel together as a family. Thank you, Peri!

– Hugo G.

I hired Peri to represent me in my case for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. From the beginning, she committed to winning my case, working around the clock and employing her thorough knowledge on the matter to represent my case in the best possible way. In just a couple of months after my application was submitted, I was successfully granted deferred action. Upon the time of renewing my deferred action status, she guided me through the process, demonstrating the same aptitude as from our initial meeting, granting me the same favorable results. More than an expert practitioner of law, Peri is a passionate, kind-hearted person committed to helping those seeking help on immigration matters. As a recipient of Peri’s excellent representation, I highly recommend her services.

 Ulises C.