Visa Applications Lawyer NY

Visa Applications Lawyer NY

Many people want to enter the United States but it is important that you do so legally. Immigration laws have been the topic of much debate recently and the laws could change at almost any time.  The first step in immigration is to obtain a visa. There are a number of different types of visas that are available. You may qualify for more than one type. If that is the case, you should consult with a visa applications lawyer in NY to learn the best options that are available.

Types of Visas

Some types of visas are easier or faster to obtain while other types may be slightly more complicated. Visas fall into some general categories. Tourist visas are for people who want to visit the United States and will return to their home in a short time. These are considered non-immigrant visas. Student visas fall under this category as do work visas.

Those who wish to move to the United States need to obtain permanent immigrant status. This is also known as a green card. A green card is a type of visa that allows you to live and work in the United States for a period of time. You may renew your status and you may also work towards becoming a naturalized citizen. If you want to move to the U.S. permanently you may need to get help from a visa applications lawyer in NY.

Applying for a Visa

If you want to apply for a visa you must first make sure that you meet the requirements for that particular visa. There are about 185 types of visas and there may be requirements for each type. In general, you must be able to provide documentation that is requested as part of the application process.  

You may also need to get a physical and provide the results as part of the application process. It is extremely important to provide all of the documents that are requested or your application could get held up or denied. If so, you could be facing a lengthier and more difficult process. A visa applications lawyer in NY will assist you with the application process and help make sure that you gather all of the necessary documents as well as meet the necessary requirements for a visa.

It can take months to get your visa application results. Some visas require you to have an interview with a USCIS agent. If so, you will be notified of the date, time and location of the interview as well as a list of documents or other verifications that you must bring with to the meeting.

It can be extremely beneficial to obtain help from a visa applications lawyer in NY before you begin the process. You certainly don’t want to spend time and effort only to find that you made an error and your application was denied. If you want to get a U.S. visa we can help. Contact the Law Office of Peri B. Edelman today to discuss your immigration needs.





Visa Applications Lawyer NY
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