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Patrick L. Hancock is a successful, reputed, and highly experienced San Antonio Lawyer practicing in the following areas of criminal law:

  • Sex offenses
  • Theft
  • Drug cases
  • Violent crimes
  • DWI
  • Juvenile crimes

Attorney Hancock is non-judgmental. Bad things happen to good people, and good people sometimes make bad choices. That's human nature. Even if you are guilty; the crime that you committed doesn't paint the complete portrait of your life. You do not need to be defined by a single mistake. The point? Don't be too ashamed to seek help or defend yourself.

Attorney David L. Hancock is a San Antonio Lawyer with Expertise You Can Rely On

With more than 25 years in practice and a slew of victories for his clients, you can depend on the legal services of David L. Hancock when you need them most. If you find yourself in a jam, give him a call. Even if he can't get you out of the jam completely, he can at least minimize the punishment. A lot of times, he gets his clients reduced sentences, reduced charges, and has even gotten lots of his clients' cases thrown out completely.

If this is your first offense and you've been charged with a felony, assuming we can't beat your case or get it thrown out, we will be able to get your case lowered to a misdemeanor, unless there are aggravating circumstances in your case. When the prosecutor sees that you have David L. Hancock on your side, he or she will play fair.

David L. Hancock is an Experienced Trial Lawyer in San Antonio

Going to trial is a serious matter. The myth that judges tend to be harsher on people convicted of crimes at trial is actually no myth at all. It's the truth. Judges feel that people should confess their guilt rather than lie and try to beat their charges in court. They look at the plea bargains you've been offered as leniency. However, the plea bargains may not meet your needs, and you may not be guilty of what you've been charged.

When your case goes to trial, you will need a lawyer who knows how to take depositions, hire expert witnesses, and conduct private investigations, as well as coach you through the process in addition to cross-examining witnesses.

Attorney David Hancock can advocate for you, protect your rights, and make sure you are presented in the best possible light given the circumstances. In a lot of instances, when law enforcement officials and prosecutors don't do their jobs right (which is more often than you may think), we can get evidence suppressed and cases dismissed.

Make David L. Hancock Your San Antonio Lawyer

In addition to our pretrial and trial legal services, David L. Hancock offers a number of post-trial services as well, including:

  • Motions to revoke probation (MTR)
  • Motions to revoke deferred adjudication
  • Motions for early termination of probation/deferred adjudication
  • Motions for a new trial
  • Applying for an occupational driver's license
  • Expunction (commonly known as expungement, sealing or clearing your criminal record)
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