Immigration Legal Advice NY

Immigration Legal Advice NY

When you need a U.S. visa there are many options. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) oversee all issues related to immigration. There are two main types of visas including temporary and permanent. Both general categories include a large variety of visa options. Temporary visas are for those who want to visit for a short period of time. Permanent visas are also known as green cards. It is helpful to get immigration legal advice in NY before you submit a visa application.

Temporary Visas

Temporary visas are for people who intend to visit the United States. There are many categories of temporary visas including student visas, tourist visas and more. In order to obtain a temporary visa you must meet specific criteria. Each type of visa has unique conditions but in general, you must show that you have a home and ties to your homeland and that you are going to return. You also must show that you have enough money to support yourself while you are visiting the United States.

Temporary visas are common but they do not generally allow you to work in the country. Therefore, if you want to work here you will need to obtain a work visa instead. There are different types of work visas but you must be sponsored by a company with which you have a job offer. Visas can be complicated so it is important to seek guidance and immigration legal advice in NY before you apply.

Permanent Visas

A permanent visa is also called a green card. It allows you to live and work in the United States. Most commonly, permanent visas can be obtained through a relative who is already a United States citizen or permanent resident. Permanent residents are also allowed to seek citizenship.

There is a ten-step path to citizenship that green card holders can take to become naturalized citizens. The process is not difficult but you must follow the steps and you will need to speak, write and read basic English and pass a history and government test. If you plan to seek a permanent visa or want to become a naturalized citizen it is advisable to get immigration legal advice in NY from a reputable attorney.

Everyone’s situation is different, so you can’t rely on what others tell you about their immigration experiences. The process is not difficult but in each case you will need to meet the requirements, fill out an application and submit the application and necessary documentation along with a filing fee.

It is important to follow the directions exactly and to provide all of the documentation that is required. If you fail to follow instructions or forget to submit documents, your application could be delayed or denied. Then you might have to start the process over again.

A qualified attorney will guide you through the process, answer your questions and give you immigration legal advice in NY. To learn more about the immigration process contact the Law Office of Peri B. Edelman today.

Immigration Legal Advice NY
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