Humanitarian Visa Attorney NY

Humanitarian Visa Attorney NY

Humanitarian visas are also called humanitarian parole. This type of visa is intended only for those who are in need of urgent humanitarian help. Although everyone is eligible to file for this type of visa, it is only granted to a small number of people. The process is slightly different than for obtaining a standard visa so it is helpful to get help from a humanitarian visa attorney in NY to guide you through the process.

How to Apply for a Humanitarian Visa

Anyone can submit an application for a humanitarian visa. You may submit your own application or one may be submitted on your behalf by a relative who sponsors you, by an attorney or by any individual. In order to be considered for a humanitarian visa you must have an urgent need and there must be a public benefit. A humanitarian visa attorney in NY may be helpful in the procedure.

 The process for applying for a humanitarian visa includes submitting a I-131 Application for Travel, an I-134 Affidavit for Support and a detailed explanation of the humanitarian need for the visa. You must be able to show that the visa is necessary and that you cannot obtain a visa through other methods. It is important to keep in mind that the humanitarian visa is not to be used as a substitute for other types of visas.

In addition to the forms and necessary documentation, you must also include a filing fee. The fees may change from time to time so be sure that you check the latest USCIS information online. You may want to make sure that you have included the appropriate documentation by checking with a humanitarian visa attorney in NY.

Humanitarian Visa Process

There are a number of reasons why you may want to apply for a humanitarian visa. One of the most common reasons for a humanitarian visa is for medical reasons. This is known as a medical parole. If you are seeking a medical parole you must include a detailed explanation from your doctor. It must include information about your medical condition, diagnosis, and prognosis and why you cannot receive adequate treatment in your native country. You will also need to indicate how long treatment will last and the cost of the treatment as well as how it will be paid.

After you submit a humanitarian visa application you can generally expect to get a decision in 90 to 120 days. If the visa is of an extremely urgent nature it may be decided in just a few days. You will receive the decision in writing. If the visa is denied you are not allowed to file an appeal. However, you can submit a new application if there is new information. A humanitarian visa attorney in NY will assist you throughout the process.

If you feel you are eligible for a humanitarian visa it is best to speak with a humanitarian visa attorney in NY as soon as possible. Contact the Law Office of Peri B. Edelman today to discuss your case.

Humanitarian Visa Attorney NY
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