Immigration News and Updates: November 13, 2020

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Peri B. Edelman | November 13, 2020

Good News!

I won a I-601, Waiver of Inadmissibility based upon fraud and misrepresentation. My client’s case was originally lost by previous counsel. The waiver was needed due the fact that my client filed a false asylum claim using false information such as the wrong date of birth, country of birth, spouse and other information. Now, she will be receiving her green card.

Joe Biden Has Plans To Reverse Many Of Trump's Immigration Policies

  • Biden has pledged to abandon Mr. Trump’s travel ban on mostly Muslim countries and to begin calling foreign leaders in an attempt to restore trust among the United States’ closest allies.
  • Biden administration is also expected to extend DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era policy that protects from deportation immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children.
  • Biden said during the campaign that he wants to lift the Trump administration's restrictions on asylum for migrants fleeing gangs and domestic violence.
  • Biden has pledged to put a swift halt to border wall construction.
  • Biden also has vowed to prioritize the reunification of any families still separated under the Trump administration’s now-defunct “zero-tolerance” policy — which led to the separation and detention of more than 2,800 migrant families and children in 2018.
  • Biden will look to implement a 100-day freeze on deportations while his administration issues guidance narrowing who can be arrested by immigration agents.
  • Biden's team is also planning to begin the process of terminating the "public charge" rules the Trump administration implemented to deny green cards and immigrant visas to applicants who U.S. officials determine rely — or could rely in the future — on government benefits like Medicaid, food stamps and Section 8 housing vouchers.

Visa Seekers Say Trump Can't Use Virus To Limit Immigration and Brought a Class Action Suit

More than 240 visa applicants brought a proposed class action over federal visa restrictions Monday, alleging that President Donald Trump doesn't have the authority to restrict immigration because of high unemployment caused by COVID-19.The foreign nationals along with their American sponsors sued Trump and the U.S. Departments of State, Justice and Homeland Security, telling a California federal court that Congress didn't intend for immigration to be allowed only during times of economic prosperity and high employment.

USCIS Updates Form

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently updated the following forms:

  • Update to Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant. The new edition is dated 6/9/2020. The current editions, dated 4/12/2018 and 12/23/2016, will be accepted until 1/3/2021. On or after 1/4/2021, only the 6/9/2020 edition will be accepted.
  • Update to Form I-212, Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the United States After Deportation or Removal. The new edition is dated 6/9/2020. The current edition, dated 4/27/2018, will be accepted until 1/3/2021. On or after 1/4/2021, only the 6/9/2020 edition will be accepted.

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