About Peri B. Edelman

Immigration Law permeates through me. My late father, a widely respected Immigration Attorney, was responsible for many published decisions that changed Immigration Law. As a child, I watched him work many late nights and weekends, poring over cases that seemed impossible to win. Since he knew people’s liberty was on the line, he worked vigorously to obtain justice on their behalf.

These memories of my father brought me to where I am today. After I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Binghamton University, I began a career in finance where I leveraged my deep attention to detail and analytical skills. However, I soon realized how unfulfilled finance made me feel and decided to pursue my Juris Doctorate at Brooklyn Law School.

In 1994, during my second year of law school, I survived a horrible violent crime while walking home from the gym. The perpetrator was never caught. That event propelled me to not only be a survivor but a warrior for injustice. Knowing that my role as an attorney had to be more than a job – I needed to help individuals, who did not have a strong voice, seek justice - I followed in my father’s footsteps and became an Immigration Attorney.


The Peri Edelman Law Firm opened in 1996. Shortly thereafter I was asked to defend a foreign-born woman who was under threat of removal. Her parents, who were United States citizens, adopted her in Canada but never filed for her to become “legal” in the United States. They erroneously thought she would automatically become a United States citizen by virtue of her adoption. As an adult, she was convicted of a larceny charge and was facing deportation. The case against her was the result of an unjust loophole in the immigration system and it became my personal crusade to leverage the legal system to protect her from deportation. Not only did the Court rule that my client could stay in the United States, but the decision eventually led to the Child Citizenship Act of 2000. This Act allows children of U.S. citizens who did not acquire U.S. citizenship at birth to acquire citizenship if they satisfy certain requirements before age 18. It has since prevented countless foreign-born children adopted by U.S. citizens from being torn away from their families, and the only country they have ever known.

Peri Edelman Immigration Attroney with A Green Card Client
Peri with a client, whom she helped obtain his green card

The passion that I bring to my work has grown over the years. In my near 25 years practicing Immigration Law, I have worked tirelessly for my clients, obtained thousands of green cards and visas, countless foreign work visas, and prevented hundreds of immigrants from being deported. I have seen almost every type of immigration case imaginable and have traveled throughout the United States to help clients pursue legal permanent residency and remain in the United States.

My work also includes consulting for immigration law reform. When I was a young attorney, an acquaintance, who had a significant rank in the Republican party, asked if I would provide Immigration Reform suggestions for the George W. Bush 2000 Presidential platform. A couple of my recommendations were used in that campaign.

My dedication to the plight of immigrants extends to my staff. My Office Manager, Cathy, is a first-generation immigrant who immigrated from the Dominican Republic when she was 2 years old. Her bilingual skills help clients feel at ease, and her first-hand knowledge of the immigrant experience makes her a compassionate and dedicated advocate.

Though I am a fierce advocate for my clients, my near 25 years of experience has shown me that not every immigration case can be won. While some immigration attorneys will take a person’s money despite knowing the case is a lost cause, I refuse to do that. If you come to me with a case, I will give my honest feedback on your chances of prevailing.

In addition to my love for Immigration Law, I enjoy hiking, meditation, reading, art, and spinning. I also enjoy spending time with my two adult children, Lukas and Isabella, who are the lights of my life.

When you hire me to be your Immigration Attorney, know that you will have a fighter in your corner. I enjoy helping people overcome their challenges. I am passionate about my work and about helping people, and like my father before me, I will never give up on your case.

Peri Edelman Immigration Attorney with a client whose parents she helped obtain legal permanent residency
Peri with a client whose mother she helped obtain her green card

Peri B. Edelman’s Experience in United States (U.S.) Immigration Laws

Peri B. Edelman’s knowledge of immigration law and the complex process of applying for U.S. residency, visa application, and citizenship has helped countless residents throughout New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx), and clients from across the United States, save time and money.

Ms. Edelman’s knowledge of U.S. Federal Immigration Laws allows her to:

  • Provide U.S. residence (green card) application services in an effective and timely manner.
  • Provide legal services regarding the correct forms and applications illegal and undocumented immigrants need to complete, to apply for a green card.
  • Appear in court and defend immigrants in deportation and removal cases.
  • Successfully petition on behalf of spouses, family members and employees in applications for U.S. residency, visa applications, refugee and asylum-seekers, and victims of humanitarian conflicts from around the world.
  • Successfully represent undocumented immigrants living in New York who might have been arrested by ICE officers, or the police.
  • Help immigrants and organizations from across the United States, with applications for employment visas.
  • Help people who are citizens from other countries apply for dual citizenship.
  • Appeal court rulings that were against an immigrant.

Advice About Immigration Lawyers Who Call Their Services Cheap or Inexpensive

Clients should be very careful when they meet with an immigration lawyer who calls their services cheap. The reality is that many lawyers sometimes take advantage of immigrants because these immigrants do not completely understand immigration law and their basic human rights. Many of these lawyers will charge customers low costs for services they do not need. Over time, these small fees can add up and end up costing immigrants a lot more than if they were to see a competent lawyer like Peri B. Edelman.